Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tomorrow we're going on a road trip.

Many of you guessed close to the right answers. Here, as an update, I'm going to include the answers in parentheses.

We're leaving our Island on the 7:45



We will then (drive)

To visit
(my papa and grandmother)

And then from there, we will cross
(the peace arch)




but stopping on the way to
(shop in Bellingham)

then continuing on to (Sea Tac Airport)

in order to pick up(Jacy, the Ninja Poodle)

We have about a 1% chance of catching the (ferry)

on the way back, so we're going to try to stay with(Popeye, Armondo's Father-who we never got ahold of)

(New Westminster)

but then wake up early in the morning in order to catch the

to get to
(work at the hardware store)
by 9:30 am.
(which, was actually supposed to be 8:30am)

Let me know what you think I said in the comments!


Anonymous said...

you are catching the ferry to tssawassen, driving to visit the grandparents (?), heading to the peace arch, crossing the border and driving some more. you are heading to bellingham, going shopping (you lucky bum!), then driving to seattle (or everett), picking up your new puppy, and hoping (insanely) that you will make it for the last ferry. if you dont make the ferry you are hoping to stay with your grandma in vancouver and catch the early ferry home the next day to go to walmart.
am i close??

CeCe said...

Lauren~ Hee hee.. VERY close. But a couple of the details are a bit different!

Ryann said...

yah yah, you're going somewhere.. have fun.

when are you back? I've been stupid busy, but I want to come visit before I leave. (In a week)

Belinda said...

Holy crap. I can't tell you the guilt that this dog-mama has for this insane trek you're taking. AND I SO WISH she had the hair she does in that picture! (Not the hairCUT, which is too-too, but just the AMOUNT of hair). She is so hairless. But hey, it grows. I'll send you a pic of what her hair is close to now.

I HOPE SHE'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ALL WANT!!! And I really hope she and the Babe get on well. She's been through Bella Boot-Camp, so I'm thinking it'll be good.


Erin said...

You're leaving the island on the 7:45 ferry to visit a dock, then driving to visit some old folks (your grandparents?) and crossing the border, then driving to a city (Seattle?), stopping on the way to shop. From there, you'll go to the airport to pick up Jacy (Ooh, I hope we'll soon be getting our very own little Ninja!). You have about a 1% chance of catching the ferry on the way back, so you'll stay with someone (Mother, aunt?) in a place (Bellingham?), and wake up very early in the morning to try to catch the ferry to make it to work by 9:30. How'd I do?

Great idea for a post, by the way. I loved it!

Erin said...

Oh yeah, I hope you have a safe, wonderful trip. And I'm jealous that you get your new poodle so soon! But then, I've already got one at home... Good luck, and godspeed (you'll need it to catch the last ferry!).

Mr. Fabulous said...

The important thing is that you'll get the chance to do some shopping.

Tricia said...

ferry mainland drive grandma & pa the border drive big american city shop big american city #2 pet with Ninja capabilities ferry relative (bart?) vancouver ferry work

Have a good time, I am jealous of the shop part. It has been a long time since I have been able to shop (no, the grocery store doesn't count, and neither does the Sears catalogue.)

lb said...

CeCe's picture story is so cute!
Lauren's version except... it's gotta be Ikea before the border and I really don't know American cities either. But...first "grandparents" are your great granma and her hubby and "Grandma" in vancouver has verry hairy arms! ....remind anyone of Armondo's arms? That would be Cherry's grandpa!What you didn't pictoralize is that you guys have to find "gramps" place late at night in not to frequently travelled area after a very long day with a new (to you )pup in the family and....good luck!
Oh yhea.... work at the neat and tidy hardware store by 9:30.

Candice said...

i like the way you did it

Cherrypie said...

I understood the shopping bit and gathered there was a ferry journey, some driving, some visiting folk and a dog involved.

That pic of Cherry and a member of Kiss(?) is really cute

CeCe said...

Ryann~Come visit!

Belinda~She's great!


Mr.Fab~Of course!

Tricia~umm..well.. close, but not as close as you COULD be.

LB.~No Ikea. Good call on it being Armondo's Dad.. I don't know how everyone thought he was a woman, I mean, LOOK AT THOSE ARMS!


Cherry Pie~Welcome! Hee hee.. "member of kiss" excellent!