Wednesday, April 19, 2006



My bloglist is getting too long. It takes WAY too long to read all of your blogs while I'm working full time.

And there are some new blogs I want to add, but can't commit to yet because THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY!

SO... If you're on my bloglist and want to stay there, TELL ME! If you don't care if I remove you, then don't say anything!

If you're reading my blog and you don't think I'm reading yours, then TELL ME!

I like the "conversation" part of this whole blog thing. And if you're not into conversing with me, then I think I'm going to weed ya out.

No love lost. I'm just too busy, and would prefer to get to know a few of you really well rather than know a lot of you not so well.


Erin said...

I want to stay - I really enjoy reading your blog, and love your comments on mine. Is that okay? Do I get to stay?

We poodle people have to stick together!k

Belinda said...

Um, once you've mocked my speech publicly, you kind of owe me.

Anonymous said...

hey i'm at now. i like that i can have private entries and public entries!

Eve said...

Hi Cece! I just found you here, so please don't kick me out!
I'll be back!
I LOVE your daughter's name- do you pronounce it like Cherry, or Sherry? I hope Cherry, because that is deliciously cute!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Yay, someone else getting all angsty about their blogroll!

I would like to remain, please. I am addicted to both your blog and the adorable pictures of Cherry.

Plus I don't think my self-esteem could take the hit.

Melora said...

I'd like to stay, please! I feel the way you do about preferring to read (and be read) by a small enough group that we can become "internet friends." Plus, Cherry is impossibly cute, and I can hardly wait to see version 2!

On a related note, I understand you added a new blog to gain some privacy, but is is all right if I add a link to the new blog in my sidebar? I've been linking through your comments, which adds a step.

Chase said...

:( Don't leave me. I make fun of Belinda's accent, too.

Nicole said...

I love the comments that you leave on my blog. We've just moved and the net isn't hooked up yet so i've been very quiet lately. Also, I'm just finishing papers and exams so I should be up and writing in a week or so. I hope that I can catch up on all these blogs by then too. So... keep me on (if i am on)

Kristina said...

I wanna stay. I love your comments on my blog and I love reading your blog. Besides, I'm cute!!!!

Leigh said...

let me stay! please. i'd die if ya didn't!

Brian Lavery said...

It's an honour to be on CeCe's blogroll. Hope I get to stay.

Ryann said...

don't you dare delete me. I will cry.

Maidink said...

Don't you even think of removing my blog. If you do, young lady, I'll ... why I'll ... err ... uhhhh ... well, I'LL THINK OF SOMETHING REALLY REALLY SPIFFY AND ALL AND CLEVER AND AND ... er hmm.

Oh, just keep me there, please?

I'm going to go take my meds now.

Sarah said...

I would prefer to stick with ya.

Cherrypie said...

Well, I like reading what you have to say and I love the pictures of Cherry. She's so cute in that pic with the bunny ears in your last post. I don't want to be a burden though so don't feel any obligation to reciprocate xx

Tricia said...

'weed me out?'


CeCe said...

Erin~Yes. You get to stay. Geez.. It didn't occur to me yet that I was now a "poodle person".

Belinda~Heee..I wasn't being mean! I LIKE it, it's CUTE!! Of course you can stay.

Ellure~Ooh, I'll come visit, and I'll blogroll you. I've missed your old one!

Eve~Well, welcome! You must have been away when I did the "switch"! I SO have to see those little girls that are about to hatch!

Mr.Fab~Ha ha.. Yeah, I wouldn't want your ego to suffer, I'll keep you on!

Melora~I'd like it if you added me to your blogroll. If people "look" for me and "find" me, then they can just deal with what I have to say and they're not allowed to get mad at me because they weren't invited! And I'll keep you around too.

Chase~Ok, YOU must have a fun accent too! Aren't you from the southern states too? You make me laugh. You get to stay.

Nicole~I'll keep you around! I need to find out about your chickens!

Kristina~and that baby of yours is sure to be cute too! You can stay!

Leigh~You need to write more!! But I'll keep you around.

Brian~An honour?!? Really?!? Wow.. Ok, you can stay.

Ryann~Oooh.. you crying could get nasty.... Umm.. I guess you can stay.

Maidink~I think you scare me. I think I'll keep you on for my own safety!

Sarah~Ok, twist my arm

Cherrypie~I haven't had a chance to check you out, but you're one of the ones who I wanted to add, but felt I needed to make "room" for.

Tricia~Yeah, I think I might have to get rid of YOU! (joking!)

CeCe said...

Sorry Eve, I forgot to answer your question! It's "cherry" like the fruit. And that's not her real name, it's just a name I'm using for the blog. Armondo isn't my husband's real name can read about it at

Laurie said...

I'd like to stay even though I've been busy and haven't been around much! ;-)

Earl said...

Hey CeCe, I know what you mean about busy! I've been only able to make my blogrounds a couple times per week unfortunately.
Even my own blog postings is pathetic like that...
Come by and visit when you want, and I come and catch up when I can. That won't change.

Evan said...

Hey, Its a privilage to be in Canada!!!!

Krisitna said...

Thanks for keeping me.

debambam said...

Oh I know you already done it, and left me in, but heres the official response anyway! And since I know you been to my blog, you'll know I been a bit busy..haven't been over here for a little while :( Me bad I know,but better to be a bad blogger than a bad mummy hey!

debambam said...

p.s. For Mr Fab - OH PLEASE! Hurt your ego?? You just been crowned for something haven't ya!!! I don't believe that comment for one second MR!!

Belinda said...

Chase is in OKLAHOMA and therefore has no standing to make fun of MY accent. So there.