Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whoooeee, I'm in big trouble!

The girls got an awesome Barbie house handed down to them from some friends. While on vacation (I'm back btw, and it was awesome) I bought a bunch of furniture for the Barbie house, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff that just isn't available here in my new hometown. (The town is great, the shopping options are pretty dismal.)

ANYWAY... Cherry and I are playing with the house and all the accessories and all the princess dolls and Barbie dolls etc...

Cherry only has one guy doll, who happens to be Prince Eric. Well, in Cherry's little world, Eric is a bit of a polygamist, as he has married not only Ariel, but Rapunzel, and also Giselle. Getting bored of the endless parades of weddings, I asked Cherry if there was anything else we could do with the dolls.

Me: Hun, can't these girls do anything besides getting married over and over?

Cherry: Ummm... they can dance!

Me: Anything else?

Cherry: Uhhh, They can EAT!

Me: Okay, but can't they do anything else?

Cherry: They can drink lots and lots of ALCOHOL!!!

Me: *stunned* Uhh, anything else?

Cherry: Um, I don't think so!



unique_stephen said...

Think she could be a Morman?

Hillary said...

hahaha! Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Hey CeCe,

Maybe it's time to have a mock tea party with the barbies. Herb teas and organic animal crackers with lots of veggies!! Yum Yum!!

wylde otse said...

Pretty funny. (of course in a sad way)

My elder daughter was hired by Mattel corp. some years ago, to be a rep. during a Xmas promo, Vancouver area. She was on display also, as the "real" Miss Barbie.

At one point, among all the mall visitors, she noticed a maybe 4-5 yr.old girl (with her mom) looking her over quite intently, for what seemed a very long while...
finally the little girl marched up to her.
As my daughter described it: " Dad, the way she looked up at me , I thought 'uh ooh.'..I'm *busted*; but all she said shyly was; 'you know, I've got every one of your dolls'."

maximax said...

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