Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is What Makes Parenting so FUN!

The scene: We're driving on a rural road behind a dump truck.

Cherry: Go faster mom! Faster!

Me: Sorry hun, I can't go faster, there's a dump truck in our way.

Cherry: Move you dump truck!

Except that she didn't quite make out the "p" sound at the end of "dump" and the "t" in "truck" comes out as an "F".

So, I shamelessly got her to say it over, and over and over again. And every time we meet up with a friend, I tell Cherry to tell our friend about the dump truck in front of us that time.

"Move you dumb fuc#!"

I'm such a bad mother!


Kim said...

This is so funny:o) I know it is bad to do, but my niece went through a phase where her "K" sounded like a "T" and she loved cats. So, everytime she saw a cat, picture, live, whatever, she would say something like "What is you titty's name?". surprised me to knwo end when she came up to me one day and said "you have titty's!" It took me a moment to realize that she was refering to the cats on my shirt:o) You goota love them!!

debambam said...

Oh that is just too funny....and your right, it's things like this that make parenting so fun! And a great story for her 21st....hehehehe
Cheers, Kelly

emily said...

oh I love it and would have done the same thing!

Sarah said...

Haha... the f-word was one of the first ones I said. It took a long time for my mom to break my habit, apparently.

shandelle said...

Where are the new posts girl?

wylde otse said...

...and I'm really bad to laugh so hard...