Tuesday, December 04, 2007

40 days, and 40 nights?

I'll post the answer to the last post by posting a video, but right now I have some more pressing matters to discuss at this late hour.

Or is it an EARLY hour?

Anyway, it's almost 3 am, and I'm wide awake. Why? You ask?

Well, maybe it's because during the day on the 2nd, my yard looked like this:
And, about an hour or so ago, I took these photos of my front yard:

(That's our planter box floating away. Same planter box that Cherry is playing next to in the second photo.)

Our yard is flooded, and so are all of our neighbours'. All around us, we can hear people starting up their vehicles and either leaving the area all together, or are just parking them at higher elevations.

We packed up our van with supplies and have it parked up on the road, which is close to being flooded, but still safe. We're ready to leave at a moment's notice.

We packed snacks, water, valuables, and the girls' Christmas presents. We plan on taking Annie (the dog) and if the cats co-operate, we'll take them too, though I'm guessing they might just have to figure out how to survive on their own in the house. I can't see myself carrying them over the LAKE in our front yard in order to get them to the van. We have cat food in the van just in case we ARE able to wrangle them though.

The good news is that our house is practically on stilts. We have a very high crawl space, so there's lots of room for the water to collect before our actual house floods.

The bad news, is that even if this is the worst it's going to get, we have a HUGE clean up job to tackle. Our (empty) oil tank has fallen over, our gardens have been torn apart, our recycling got tipped over and there are empty cans and bottles floating all around, etc.

Should be a fun few days ahead!


shandelle said...

Oh MY GOSH!!! I just can't imagine. I guess you are thankful that Armondo is home during all of this.

ellinghouse said...

are you guys ok? Please post....