Saturday, November 17, 2007


I haven't written the past couple of days because I've been in a lot of pain. My back hurt from the adjustment last Tuesday, and separate from that, I got into a major emotional rut.

I'm feeling a bit better now. But I'm still feeling a little "off".

The milk thing is going ok, I guess. I sort of "crave" it, and that's been a bit of a struggle, but finding food to eat is easy enough. I haven't found a milk alternative to DRINK yet, but rice milk tastes fine on my cereal. Cherry is drinking all the milk alternatives without noticing that they're any different. I haven't really noticed any physical or physiological differenced yet.

Oh man, I don't really feel like writing. I'm done for now.


Anonymous said...

always something with a problem with u

Anonymous said...

terrible grammar there buddy.

Sarah said...

Hm. Sorry you've been feeling crappy. I had that one last weekend.

I kind of like almond breeze, myself... and chocolate "silk" is really good. Those are my suggestions, anyway. :)

Good luck. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You hang in there, Cece! It will get better after a while. You are doing great!

Kim said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'm know whenever you can't have something your body craves it. A little adjustment period and you will do better. I hope milk is the problem and coming off of it helps.