Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cherry's "E I O Dirday Party!"

She has been begging for a barnyard themed birthday party for months, and this is the result. (Her actual birthday and the family party are tomorrow.)

Cherry playing in the hay pile. I hid a bunch of toys in the pile, and all the kids searched through it to find the prizes. One other adult, Cherry, and I, all had allergic reactions to all the hay being thrown around by the kids. All three of us took benedryl to get over it, and I managed to get by relatively unscathed, but my friend ended up almost passing out due to the drugs, and Cherry ended up with hives on her cheeks. And she's off today with Armondo to get her 2 year portraits done. She had marks on her face for the last set of portraits done with the cousins at Easter! Oh well!

Armondo and I drew pig and cow faces on balloons, and had the kids "herd" them into the barn I made out of a fridge box.

This is Cherry waiting for her cake as we all sang Happy Birthday. She's watched so much TV that she knew exactly what was happening and was very good at sitting still!

In fact, she has seen so much tv that she knew to blow out the candle without being told to! (No, I am not proud of the fact that my child watches so much TV. But when Armondo is gone for weeks at a time, it's pretty much my only saving grace, and the only way to get her to be calm for awhile so that I can cook or clean or poop. She watches much less TV when Armondo is home.)

A close up of one of the "pig" cupcakes I made. The other ones were cows and sheep, but really, only the pigs looked all that great. I made the cake and the frosting from scratch! Overall, it didn't taste all that great, but I'm still proud that I put all that effort in. Next time the cake and frosting are coming from a box. Cheaper and faster, and will leave more time for decorating.

Cherry eating her pig. She only ate the frosting. Her nose is running from the hay inhalation.

Some of the other kids eating.

The "akk, the sun is in our eyes, and dang it, I still have my pig ears on" family shot in front of the barn I made.


Julie said...

Wow, that party looks fantastic!! I'm so impressed!

lauren said...

you are totally effing awesome!


Kim said...

Looks like a great party and the kids were happy, which is all that matters at that age:o)

Melora said...

What a great party! You guys are adorable.
Your barnyard herding game is brilliant -- perfect activity for two year olds. And the piggy cupcakes are cute as can be. I do cake mix cakes to allow decorating time, and no one has ever complained.

Avalon said...

What wonderful memories you are creating for your kids! ZIt looks like you put a lot of love ( and work) into having a great party for Cherry!

sally said...

excellent...i love the piggy cupcakes!
Cherry looks like she had a great time.

Sarah said...


Evan said...

I too am impressed, great ideas with the baloon herding- I was sort of wanting to try that after reading!
Hey the pics look good enough without having family or kid portaits!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh man, what a cool party!

Anonymous said...

What a creative party idea!

Science For Kids

Joyce said...

hey ce ce, I came by to see how you and the girlies are doing.
Beautiful, as ever.

Erin said...

I want pink piggy cupcakes for MY birthday! What cool party.

Rachel said...

I love the piggy cupcakes too! You described them to me, but I didn't realize just how cute they were until I just saw the pictures. Very sweet. You are a good mommy!