Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, Belinda does this thing on Flickr called "I dare you." And I thought I'd play along. She posts the rules here.

Click on the photos to get to my Flickr page with all the notes.

June 13,2007 023

June 13,2007 022

June 13,2007 021

June 13,2007 020

June 13,2007 018


Sarah said...

So... how often do you export the dirty diapers...?

Kim said...

Much more interesting photos than mine:o) But, then I am not chasing around two little ones in my car!! My sister's truck probably matches your van.

Anonymous said...
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CeCe said...

Sarah~I TRY to take them out each day they gather, but those particular ones were in there for probably three days! *gags*

Kim~Oh, I have excuses for the way the van is! ha ha.. no need to list them, but yes, having two kids is at the top of the list!

Sarah said...

Haha. I'm sure I wouldn't be much different myself. :P