Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Visit to Daddy.

A few weeks ago, we drove up to where Armondo's boat was docked for a day, and we had a quick visit. We hadn't seen him for a VERY long time.

First, we went to a little diner and had some lunch.

Cherry was VERY happy to see her daddy!

Then we took some time to play with the Sea Lions (arouf ar ar ar)

Then we had dinner in the Galley on the boat. Armondo cooked! And yes, that's Paris Hilton on the calendar in the background.

When we first got there, the tide was pretty low, so we could see all sorts of star fish on the rocks just below the water. One of them was a good two to three feet across! It was huge! Anyway, I guess when she saw them, Cherry started singing "Twinkle Twinkle" with her Aunt (with whom we drove up there with, and who's (whose?) husband is the skipper). Well, when she sings "Twinkle Twinkle" she refers to the stars as "DeDe stars" (just like she calls her BABY sister "DeDe")

SOOO.. now when I say "Hey, where's Daddy?"

Cherry answers: "On da doat, with the DeDe tars!" (On the boat with the baby stars) And then she'll say "And the seeeos!" (and the seals!) Which are actually sea lions, but I don't argue the point too much with her!

It was really great for us to be able to take Cherry to see her dad on the boat, 'cause now she has a much more concrete concept as to where her daddy is. Now when I pray with her at night and ask God to keep Daddy safe, she says "Daddy on da doat?" I think it makes it much easier for her to handle him being gone, as she now really knows what's going on.


Erin said...

Oh, what a cool thing to do.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very nice. You do a GREAT sea lion impression, by the way.

sally said...

dat's doo dice!!

Sarah said...

Awesome. I want to see huge starfish too!!!

(It's "whose." But I'm a nerd.)

Hillary said...

VERY cute! Sounds like a fun trip. And wahta FABULOUS first picture - a sweet reunion! :)

CeCe said...

Erin~it was very cool, I really enjoyed it.

Mr.Fab~you should hear my MOMSTER impression, it's even better!

Sally~hee hee.

Sarah~Thanks for clearing that up, I was really struggling with it!

Hillary~It was very sweet, and thanks, I took that fabulous first picture.