Friday, March 16, 2007


My SIL and two of her kids, plus at least one, but possibly two of Armondo's cousins are all showing up here tomorrow to stay the weekend.

That means, there will be FOUR kids under 3 here, plus 3 or 4 adults. In a three bedroom, one bathroom, 1100 sqft house.

And I still have to clean it. And I have no groceries. YIKES!

It's going to be a blast. I'm so looking forward to seeing my neice and nephew. My neice is only 3 days older than Peach. But wow, I'm a bit panicked about getting the place all ready. SO, BYE!


shandelle said...

GOing to be cramped heh! The only blessing will be that you and your SIL can pull out your hair together and say "Two kids!!!" You might even see that your two might be easier then hers!!!

Sarah said...

Ok, bye! Good luck! (You can DO it.)

Melora said...

Sounds like fun, and I see the need for groceries, but I don't think I'd knock myself out cleaning. At least the kids won't be competing for the bathroom!

Maidink said...

Since it's St Patrick's Day, have a couplea shots of the Jameson's, wait for the effect, and go with the flow.