Monday, March 19, 2007

Wanna see how cute my weekend was?

I'd love to add captions, but it's getting late... so, the basic idea: Peach and "Banana" her cousin, are only 3 days apart, so we took a bunch of photos of them together, including ones in matching outfits, and ones where we made them practice their "tummy time". Those girls are probably blind from all the photo flashes all weekend!

Cherry is 20ish months here, and "Kiwi" the male cousin, is three in May. Cherry and Kiwi got along great and rough-housed and giggled the whole time. Cherry is so rough and tumble, and everyone was surprised how she stood up to her crazy, rowdy, older male cousin! (photos are in chronological order-basically)


Mr. Fabulous said...

I am swooning and lightheaded from all the cuteness. Awesome!

Canadians make beautiful babies :)

Avalon said...

Adorable photos Cece. What a bunch of cuties ( but your kids are still cuter!)

Tricia said...

hahah - love the matching outfits!

Very, very cute.

Looks like everyone had fun!

Julie said...

Cute cute cute...ah! Bear Butts! I adore bear butts!

Katie had a sleeper with a bear face sewn on the butt and everytime she wore it we'd giggle over her bear butt. Adorable.

dillyweed said...

In the first picture, is she giving her cousin a wet-willy?

And what a great shot of the little munchkins sacked out in the car together. I'm such a sucker for pictures of kids sleeping in the car.

shandelle said...

love the one where banana is smooshed faced into the blanket!!! I think she has the same nose as Peach and Cherry, or am I just looking for similarities? Glad you had fun

CeCe said...

Fab~It's the clean mountain spring water.

Avalon~I think I might have to agree with you ;)

Tricia~YEah, we had a great time! It was so fun to dress them in matching outfits! Next time we'll try to match all four of them.

Julie~Yeah, there was much giggling!

DW~Sure looks like a wet willy, don't it?

Shandelle~I think there are similarities, for sure. They'll look more different as they get older. (Banana will be fair haired and eyed, and my girls will be darker)

Anonymous said...
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