Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks to all the comments and emails you all left me when I asked for help in figuring out a budget!

I think one thing I've learned, is that food is way cheaper in the states! It has to be! 'Cause there's no way I could get by on less than $100 a week (including personal care items, diapers and pet food). Also, I really don't think coupons are as good here as they are in the states.

So, for now, we're trying to spend $100 a week on food, and we've made a generous budget of $80 a week for clothes, gifts, entertainment, etc. Transportation is separate, and I've made a monthly budget instead of a weekly one, 'cause our tank is huge and expensive, and I'd rather fill it once than four times! Bills are completely separate too.

I'm sure you all really care about this. HA! I will keep you updated anyway to tell you how it goes. Even if you don't care.


dillyweed said...

Groceries may be more expensive in Canada than the States, but I can attest to this much: California is more expensive than the midwestern part of the country too! We spend probably $100 a week on groceries and that doesn't include diapers and eating out. o there you have it. You aren't the only one who thinks that getting by on less than $100 a week at the store is tough! :)

amy j :) said...

www.save.ca usually has some good coupons, and they change them regularly.

shandelle said...

heh! If you come up with any great hints or savey suggestions, let me know!

Belinda said...

If I sat down and studied the sales, gathered coupons, and planned menus accordingly, I'm sure I could feed the family for a week for less than $100. But just going to the store like I usually do, buying what I think I need and then figuring out how to fix it later? Probably not.

Budgeting is difficult and tedious. I've always read, over and over, that the only way to do it with any accuracy is to record every penny you spend for a month, and then look for patterns and places you can cut down. I've never had the patience. SO I just do the next best thing, and constantly stress out about money.