Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Short and Sweet.

When I was sick with food poisoning last week, I really hurt my neck. The night I got sick, I spent hours shivering and shaking in bed, and during the vilent spasms, I somehow wrecked my neck. And the pain won't go away. Usually when I'm sore from something, sleeping or resting makes the pain subside for a bit, but in this case, it just seems to get worse and worse. Today has been the worst day so far, and with the pain in the neck, also comes a bit of a headache, and with that, comes complete brain farts, and for that reason, I don't have anything to write about. So, I'll give you a photo blog. These photos were taken a few days ago, and I included one already in an old post...

Cherry walked,

As peach slept comfortably.

Cherry had fun picking flowers and rocks.

But was a little put out by the rocks that were "Stuck" in the road.

But she cheered up a little bit when we walked onto a random farm, where she met a friendly cat named "Snow Feet",

Fed "Speckles" the chicken and her friends,

Said "Hello" to Chester the cow (and a horsey as well)

And ran generally had a great time running around the farm.

Then, on the way back, she found some puddles and threw rocks into them.
Until she got too tired to walk. Then she begged me to pick her up and carry her. Which, of course meant I was carrying two kids, one on each side, which might be part of the reason why my neck won't get better. Then she had a four hour nap!


dillyweed said...

Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. That's always hard. How did you manage the kiddos during the puke-shiver-fest?
I've had food poisioning a few times in my day and all I can say is that it SUCKED so bad that I wished silently (and sometimes outloud) that I would just cave in on myself and die.
Poor CeCe. I hope you feel better soon.
Have you tried some heat on it? Just don't leave it on too long. And advil can be helpful too if it is muscular...

shandelle said...

You poor girl. Is Armondo home to help? I have never had food poisoning so i can only imagine. Cherry looks so happy with all those animals. Isabella was afraid of them at that age. I wish I had one of those slings with my kids-frees up the arms

Avalon said...

Such sweet pictures! CeCe, you probably managed to pull a muscle in your neck. If you have a heating pad, try some moist heat and some neck-rolling exercises to loosen up the tightened muscles. Or, just tell Armonmdo you are going on a two week vacation to someplace tropical with a masseuse!

Melora said...

Poor you. You're probably right about carrying two kids not being the greatest thing for helping your neck heal, but someone has to do it, eh? I hope it heals quickly.

Maidink said...

kiddo, I so empathise with you.

I'd give you a virtual hug, but I'm afraid even that may hurt you.

Love the pics. I'd take Snow Feet home with me.

CeCe said...

Briana~My MIL came down for a bit to help out, and Armondo randomly came home and was able to help out too. The first 12 hours or so I was by myself though, and that was tough! And, I've got heat on it right now. Feels good at the time, but doesn't do anything long term.

Shandelle~He was home for a bit. Cherry LOVES animals! She was a little afraid of the cow, but there was a fence between them, so she was ok. She loved the cat and dogs and chickens though. And yeah, the sling is great!

Avalon~The vacation sounds nice, but I didn't even get my pre-natal pedicure I was so desparate to get!

Melora~I could have let them find their own way home, I guess :P

Maidink~I think you passed the pain through the blogosphere on to me, didn't you? And yes, I was tempted to take Snowfeet home with me. He's such a good, friendly cat!