Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh, right, I already HAVE a kid! Seems like I had forgotten!

I've been pretty self absorbed lately. Or baby absorbed. You know, I haven't taken a single picture of Cherry since ... Boxing day? I've barely mentioned her here except to talk about her crankiness. She's a GREAT kid, and I love her lots. And, I know you all do too, so, here, for your enjoyment, is a picture I took a few minutes ago of her playing in the snow with her Daddy.

*CRASH* What was that?

Oh, that, that was the sound of reality coming back! Cherry and Armondo just came inside for lunch, and Cherry threw a FIT.

"Snow!! SNOOOOOWWW!" Whine cry, whine, kick, "NOOO, SNOW!!"

She just threw a HUGE fit 'cause it was time to come inside! She'll be able to go out again after nap time, but holy crap, try to explain that to an 18 month old! Yup, we're going on 15 minutes of whining and crying now... Fun times!


shandelle said...

terrible twos. Know all about them. Just wait til you have a baby and a child in troublesome threes!!!

Eve said...

What the hell????

I can't believe this baby is coming any second!!
It seems like a month ago that you told us all about your pregnancy! Have I been in a coma?

Anyway- I am sooooo excited for you!!! I hope the little peach comes quickly and healthily, with as little pain as possible!

GO CECE!!!!!

Sarah said...

Well... it looks like a good winter for me to miss, anyway. Even though the weather sucks here too, there's almost no snow. I'll just need my toes amputated. No biggie.