Sunday, January 28, 2007

Breast Feeding Continued.

Wow, you are all so awesome. Thank you all for your support and the tips on my last breast feeding post. Things are getting better. They're not great or pain free yet, but they things are getting better.

I had to keep Peach off of that one particular nipple for two whole days while it recovered, and I was able to express about 6 ounces a day from that side. Of course, I wasn't making enough milk from the non-bleeding side, so we had to give her more bottles. I really don't think she's got nipple confusion at this point. Maybe she did for a day or something, but I think she's got the latch thing down now. The big problem though is that she's just so darn strong. Like Armondo said, it's like she's giving me h!ckies on my nipples.

It seems like we'll be able to continue to breast feed, and that it won't be too horrible, but it seems as though I'm in for some more pain, at least in the short term. The worst part of knowing each time that it's going to hurt is the whole being tentative thing, and sort of stalling a bit each time I try to get her to latch on. This has caused more than a few cranky outbursts from the little one!

But, breast feeding difficulties aside, holy crap, this baby is easy! And cute! And so strong! She can already hold her head up for several seconds at a time, and if she's sort of propped up with her arms supported, she'll put almost all her weight on her feet and will push to a standing position. (Almost, it's not a perfected thing by any means!)

One of those pictures I'm going to get in trouble for posting when she's older!

"What IS that furry thing I see walking by?"


Hillary said...

GREAT pictures! I'm so glad you're doing better, too! :)

shandelle said...

cece, she really is super cute. I can't get over how bright she is. She looks like Cherry to me. Is she like Cherry as a baby?

Avalon said...

Her eyes are just beautiful! She seems like a much older aware and alert.When I think back to my daughter at just a few weeks old, it seems like all she did was sleep, cry and eat. Oh, and poop!

Melora said...

She is So Beautiful!!

unique_stephen said...

I still get nipple confusion. Especially at the *beach - never know where to look first.

CeCe said...


Shandelle~they're pretty much identical, but Cherry looked (looks) more like me, and Peach looks more like Armondo.

Avalon~Well, pretty much all she does is sleep, eat and poop. She doesn't cry much, and really is only awake for maybe half an hour to two hours at a time, and only a couple of times a day! But when she IS awake, she's very aware,and observant.


Stephen~You're soooo silly!