Friday, November 24, 2006

Going Postal.

I am NEVER sending anything to the States again that is bigger than a greeting card.

I sent off two presents today.

Both of them cost about 2/3rds of the price of the actual items to ship.

I had to WRITE ON THE PACKAGES what was in them, and how much they cost! How tacky is that? I mean, I took the time to take the price tags off of most of the items, but hey, there, right on the outside of the box, it tells you how much the whole present is. YAY!

I hadn't covered one box enough, so the postal clerk had to track down some paper for me and tape it all over all the parts where the box was showing through. With the other present, which was just in envelopes, the postal clerk had to tape them more than I had, 'cause apparently I just don't have taping skills.

Lucky I went to a pharmacy with a postal outlet instead of an actual post office, 'cause I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have helped me out as much as the nice woman at the Rexall did.

I didn't stand in line, but still the whole experience took about half an hour! And about $38! (combined for both packages). And that was for SLOW shipping. Yeah. You guys get cards next year. MAYBE.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Well there goes my idea of mailing Cherry down to us so we can babysit for a couple of weeks...

Sarah said...

But... I always have to write the contents of parcels and the cost of contents whether I am sending within Canada, from Canada to any other country, or from Japan to home...

debambam said...

Wow, that just sounds too complicated for me!
I dont understand the need to write the cost on there though..what's up with that? Here we have to write a general description of goods in parcel, but thats about it..
Next time just order stuff online and have it shipped to their house, that way you don't have to deal with it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got to you via the NaBloPoMo randomizer, and what a random event. I'm amuzed that your daughter's blogname is my name... good choice!

I am getting ready to select and purchase gifts to send up your way. Usually each year I know someone going to visit my brother so I can stuff the gifts in a suitcase, but this year I think I'm going the internet route.

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab~Maybe "air post" would be easier?

Sarah~When ever I get packages from my family, there's nothing written on it!

Debambam~Yeah, that's a good idea.

Cherry~The internet route is probably the best way to go. The things I sent couldn't really be purchased online though. And, Welcome!

Sarah said...

Then they lucked out with a slack postal worker, I think! :P

Pink Deysi said...

Hmmm...That's strange about writing on the packages. I've never had to or gotten a package with the price on it. But then again, I've never sent or recieved anything from Canada...or any other country.

Belinda said...

Shoot, I just make up "values" for my package contents. Especially going to Canada, because don't you guys have to pay a customs charge based on the value of the package? I may be cross-remembering from when we got Jacy, and her breeder had prepared two different bills of sale for us: a real one, and one for customs with a much lower figure on it.

Yup, I have to time my packages to Canadians, and stagger them so I can afford it! I costs less (I know this from experience) to send a solid bronze poodle statue to England than it does to send soap to Canada.