Monday, September 04, 2006

What's Worse?

What's worse? Finding a live spider in your bed?

Or, changing your sheets and finding the carcass of a VERY large spider under your pillow?


maidink said...

Yay! I'm first!

I'm sorry, but is this a trick question?

I mean, define "very"? Are we talking tarantula size? But then again, it was dead.

Oh the heck with it. I would have grabbed the closest object to beat both to a pulp.

Or I would have made Dinker do it. You know, builds character.

Anonymous said...

ewwww. i've found a few of large spider carcasses around my house. i get very startled when i first come across them, and then wish i had less clutter around for these spiders to hide in.


Tricia said...

hee hee, we had spiders, but the cats ate them. Effective spider control!
Seriously though, Fall is the worst time for spiders indoors, they just want to come in and get cozy before winter.


K. said...

They BOTH make me cringe.

So which one happened to you??

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hmmm...both have good points :)

Chase said...

Oh, holy crap. Both of those make me want to scream and run. I clicked through hoping to find a picture of the carcass...but that would have made it worse, I guess.


Erin said...

Yucky - I'm not sure I want to know which one actually happened to you, I might get nightmares!

Before we bought this house I was the squeal for the husband while standing on the chair type of girl whenever I encountered a spider. But this place is full of spiders, so I've had to get over my fears. Luckily, the poodles eat the spiders!

debambam said...

I live in Australia. Spiders are just part of life, so for me, either one is fine, i'll take them over redback on the dunny seat anyday :)

Avalon said...


Finding a dead bird carcass under your blanket might qualify as worst. One of the many joys of owning a bird-obsessed dog.

Kim said...

Spiders are not our enemy in Florida, they eat the creepy bugs for us. We learned to let them live and snack on mosquitoes. Ours would even have names, until one of the cats did them in. So, as long as it is not a roach, I am fine:o)

Joyce said...

I moved to spider capital three years ago. There are so many spiders and flies here, that I think I have lost the ability to react. In my bed though? Yuck

Ryann said...

I'm going to clarify "Spider" for those people who DON'T live on the west cost in a temperate rain forest.

Our spiders are freakin HUGE!! Especially if you're talking those fuzzy wolf spiders that look like they could take out a small cat. They're as big as the palm of my hand, and even a bigger person's hand.

So EWWWWWWWWW ahhhhhhhhhh I think I'd scream, and then scream again, and then have a shower, jump up and down, scream more and refuse to sleep for a week.

but that's just me

CeCe said...

Maidink~Smaller than a tarantula, but still big.

Ellure~Hee hee, I remember a few of the nasty spiders that hung out with your man at his old place! Now THAT was a place with lots of clutter!

Tricia~One of the reasons I got Sabre in the first place was for spider control! The animals do do a good job, but still, it's not a perfect science!

K.~Both have happened recently to me! The live one crawled across my chest in the dark, and I squished it right into myself... EWWW.

Mr.Fab~I bet you'd scream if it happened to you!

Chase~I thought about taking a pic, but thought that that might be sort of gross.

Erin~I try not to squeal. When the hubby's home, he has to deal with the live ones, when he's not, I try my best to be brave!

Debambam~Umm.. I think I'm scared of Aus. now!

Alligator~You win! That's the worst!

Kim~The ones here bite, and I have really bad reactions to them. So, SOME of them I leave in the house to eat the bad bugs, but the hunter ones, THEY have to go!

Joyce~Yeah, it's the bed thing that makes it so bad!

Ryann~I read your commment to Armondo and he said "That's hot! Silly Ryann"

Candice said...

i would say the dead one.. WHY? because it probably got squished from your heads while sleeping. The live one you can find and know that it just got there.

But both are gross.

Ryann said...