Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're Going Camping!


We're packing up the car, driving up Island and taking a ferry to Quadra Island to go camping. We're leaving tomorrow morning and will be gone until Tuesday evening.

I'll get to put my Master Tent Bulding Skills to test as we set up our new TEN MAN tent!

It'll be two nights sitting on some semi-tropical beach in the Pacific Ocean.

I'm slightly excited!

We're taking the dogs too. The car will be VERY packed, but it should be fun.

I promise pictures and stories when we get back!

Oh, and my dad is feeding the fish and the cats while we're gone, so don't think about doing any funny stuff like toilet papering our house!


maidink said...

Camping? {shudder}

Never done it.

Have fun.

Kim said...

Have fun camping. A Ten man tent, that is huge!! I like camping, but don't get to do it much.

Tricia said...

a TEN MAN tent? Do you think you'll have enough room?

I would like to camp again, it's been a couple of years...maybe once we move. It's such a nice, relaxed, CHEAP vacation - we have all of the supplies already... (still recovering from the cost of our last vacation!)

Cherrypie said...

You've already got 1 perfect man and now we learn you intend camping with 8 others. Is there ne satisfying some people?

CeCe said...

Maidink~You should try it!

Kim~It IS huge!

Tricia~ Oh, we had PLENTY of room!
And no doubt you're trying to recover from that vacation.

Cherrypie~Ha ha, you crack me up!