Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Mail Man Hates Me.

I live in a rural area, so my mailbox is down the street, grouped together with all the rest of the mail boxes from this area.

Our little box requires a key to get into it, and sometimes, if there's a small package, the mailman will drop another key on a tag into your box, so that you can open a larger box on the bottom and retrieve your package. After you get your package, you mail the key back by putting it in the mail slot on the top of the boxes. If the package is larger, then you get a card and you have to go to the local post office to pick up your package.

It all seems pretty simple, right?

Well, apparently, our mail man doesn't think so.

One time, we got the notice in the mail to go pick up our package after 1pm the next day at the post office. At 4 pm the next day, that package hadn't arrived at the post office yet. We had to go back the next day after that.

One time, we got the notice in the mail to go pick up our package, and when I got the package, it was tiny and could have easily fit into one of the big boxes, and with a little effort could have even fit into our regular box.

One time, I got the special key to open one of the big boxes, and the box was empty. The dude gave me the wrong key! So, I took the key home, got an envelope, wrote "I think you gave me the wrong key, the box was empty." on the envelope, put the key inside, and mailed it back.

TWO DAYS LATER, the small package was put into MY mailbox. That's right, it fit into my mailbox, but instead of just doing that, he put it into a bigger box and gave me the wrong key.

A couple of days ago, I got a TAG saying that I had a package. That's right. A TAG, with no key on it. Pissed off, but not wanting to offend the almighty mail man (That man really does wield a lot of power if you think about it), I stuck the tag into an envelope and wrote "Did we offend you at some point? 'Cause if we did, we're really sorry, and would like a tag with an actual key on it." And I mailed it. The next day, there's a key and a tag, and the envelope with his response on it. "Sorry I did know that the key was missing." WHAT?!?! That's right, it said DID, not DIDN'T.

I feel like I should contact Canada Post and report the guy, but I'm sort of scared. I mean, I really don't need him to go postal!


Mr. Fabulous said...

It could be that he meant to write "didn't".

Ask your neighbors if they have had problems too. If they have, maybe all of you can complain, that way you won't be singled out.

andrea said...

My guess is that he cheated on his 50-page 'letter carrier' exam with the 3000-word essay on his philosophy of mail delivery at the end. Then again maybe he lied on his resume when he said he had a PhD in Postal Science. Stranger things have happened... :)

CeCe said...

Mr Fab~YEah, I'm sure that that's what he meant too...but TALK TO MY NEIGHBOURS?!? You've got to be kidding!

CeCe said...

Andrea~Hee hee.. you're funny!

Kim said...

I'm thinking like Mr Fabulous and he spelled it wrong, although sometimes my mailman leaves my box open so my mail can get wet:o(

My dad is pretty quick to call our mpostmaster and complain about the mail carrier at work and it usually fixes things pretty quickly.

CeCe said...

Kim~I"m sure he meant to write "didn't", but it's not as funny if I just leave it like that. I won't complain about him though. It's a crappy job, and unless there's some damage done, it's not a huge deal.