Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Geez Louise.

The previous post was just a glimpse into the hell that has been the last 24 hours.

Our toilet has been leaking a little bit for awhile, and the constant wiping of pee-water was getting to me, so I requested that Armondo replace the wax seal and put a better flange on the toilet.

Well, he started the task last night, and what started as a small repair, became a full out floor reno. The wood under the toilet was all rotten and all needed to be replaced. Not wanting to do a half-assed job, he also re-inforced the existing joists with new 2x4s and made sure the whole thing was level. He got this far at 10pm tonight:

And then a pipe broke and water started gushing all over the place. So now, our water is turned off, because there is no where to go at 10pm at night to pick up plumbing parts.

I have been peeing and pooing in a bucket for 24 hours now. I now have to go to the gas station to pick up some bottled water, because we have exactly 6 ounces of tap water sitting in Armondo's water bottle. And we're using baby and travel wipes to wash our hands!

My Man is awesome, none of this is his fault. He's been working tirelessly for many, many hours. But still, I am not a happy camper. In fact, I'd be happier if I WAS camping!


Erin said...

Oh, man! That sounds miserable. I know lots of people who live without running water (dry cabins are common where I live), but I think it'd be horrible. I hope you get it fixed soon.

Plumbing projects always turn into nightmares, somehow. At least for us. We've replumbed 90% of our house since we bought it 9 months ago, just from little 'repairs' just like yours. Hope it works out, and quickly!

Laurie said...

Oh gawd! My toilet overflowed the other day, too - though it wasn't quite the disaster that yours was!

Hey, those lobster pics just made me HUNGRY!!! Yum!!

Chase said...

Yep, I'm with Erin. All my plumbing issues have been tiny ones and then turned into 'ma'am you need to replace your entire system pronto'. Bleh.

On the other hand, now it'll be done and done right (woohooo for your hubby!).

And that's EXACTLY why I don't go camping. I don't pee in buckets. I might cry. hehe! I'm not a girly girl by any means, but that's one thing that would make me rent a hotel ASAP. LOL

your hostess said...

How are you coping going potty in a bucket! I think your right, it would be better camping!! I spose the good thing is that its being done properly right??!!

Joyce said...

That is definately "bloggable" material!!

Mr. Fabulous said... least he knows how to do all that so it won't be as expensive.

You poor guys. Hope it's fixed soon...

Cherrypie said...

I'm keeping my legs crossed for you that it's fixed soon x

Melora said...

How horrible. Thank goodness you have a clever and competent hubby, so it's not costing a fortune as well as being a huge hassle. At least now, when you decide to put the house back on the market, you can add a remodelled bathroom to the list of charms!

CeCe said...

All of you~ Yeah, plumbing sucks, 'cause it DOES always start out small, then turn into a HUGE project! And Yeah, it's pretty awesome that Armondo was able to take care of it so we didn't have to hire anyone. He had actually JUST taken out a bunch of DIY books from the library (Because our dishwasher is broken too-yay!) so he had a bunch of good reference books to go by! Soon though, we'll (he'll) be ripping up the rest of the floor and doing the same thing to it so that it's ALL level... fun!