Monday, April 10, 2006


Thank you to everyone who added their comments to my last post! It was great to see what many of you added! I haven't really had the chance to go back and reply to all of them 'cause I've just been too tired and busy lately!

This is going to be a DARN LAZY recap!

~The house hasn't sold.
~We have put in a new kitchen faucet, woodstove, and oil tank.
~We are going to take the house off the market on June 15th if it hasn't sold by then.
~Our parental leave ends in July, so if the house hasn't sold by half way through June, Armondo has to find a new job.
~We're thinking about Saskatchewan more seriously.
~I'm working EVERY DAY it seems!
~On Saturday, I worked at the hardware store from 8:30-5 and the restuarant from 6-11.
~I had yesterday off, and went to O.'s birthday party.
~I get Wednesday off, and if all works out, I'll be picking up my new poodle from the airport in Richmond. She is one of Belinda's Ninja Poodles.
~On days I work, I only see 1 hour of my kid.
~Last night I caught up on everyone's blogs and didn't have time to write in my own.
~I am too tired to write anything good tonight.
~There are new pictures on Flickr.

Oh yeah..
~If we take the house off the market, we'll put it back on next spring.
~We're REALLY working on making a new baby now.

Talk to you soon!


Tricia said...

She's getting some real hair! Cute!

I totally understand about the busy thing, all my shifts this week are doubles, so I am working 8:30 am till 11pm mon-thurs...I am going to be SO bitchy by thursday!
(and I don't even have a baby to deal with when I get home...)

debambam said...

I hear you with the busy stuff, been chaos round here and about to get worse with school holidays starting on Friday..oh joy! Teacher has kinly put together some 'homework' sheets for me for Zoe because she knows how bored the little munchkin will get..god love her! Have fun 'makin babies!!"

Mr. Fabulous said...

Careful with that poodle. Knowing Belinda, she programmed it to attack when you say a certain code word.

The question is: which word?

Man, I was exhausted just reading all that. Bless your heart!

Belinda said...

I did not! I programmed her to memorize credit-card numbers, you doofus.

And we are having a bit of a crisis here and weren't able to get Ms. J's paperwork in order for her flight, so have to start over now.

It is not a good time at the House of Ninja Poodles right now.

CeCe said...

Tricia~I know! The hair is starting to get a little raggy, I might have to trim it. I'm scared to though, I really want to leave it until she's old enough to decide to cut it her self, but I don't want it to look bad in the meantime! And as far as you working a gazzillion hours, you've done that for years! And I still think you're crazy!

Debambam~Sounds like you scored with that teacher!

Mr.Fab.~Hee hee.. I guess we'll soon find out!

Belinda~Credit card numbers AND attack words, I'm sure! I really hope you work out whatever's going on! I send my love!