Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A mess.

Things are pretty good and very busy!

I haven't had much time to write lately, because I've actually been doing stuff.

I've had a few days off in a row and here are some of the things we've done.

~I trimmed hedges for the first time ever and did an ok job.

~I threw a baby shower for the first time and did an awesome job.

~I got a little bit sick again and am fighting a sore throat.

~My dad left yesterday to go to his new job. He was here for two weeks. He was a good guest, but it's nice to have my house back.

~I went to the specialist yesterday about my colon problems. He stuck his finger where the sun don't shine. He basically told me I have IBS, and if I WANTED to get a colonoscopy, I could, but otherwise, I should try laxatives and stools softeners for a couple of months before worrying too much about it. (Isn't it great that in Canada, if you WANT to get a scope of your colon done, you just CAN?!)

~Armondo is burning yard waste outside right now, and some of the waste is old hay and straw from when we had chickens. Have you ever smelled burning hay? It's pretty nasty! We're smoking out the whole neighbourhood. I feel bad, but ... whatever!

~We've had a few people look at the house lately, but no offers yet.

~We had three appointments in a row not show up. That really pissed us off. The realtor dropped the price bomb again, and we basically said "screw that." There is a house the exact same size, same amount of rooms and same amount of yard in the worst neighbourhood in town on the corner of two extremely busy streets that are asking the same price as us. There is NO way I'm dropping the price of our house lower than that house. Our house is in a nice not bad neighbourhood, on a dead end street, close to a beautiful river.

~There are new pictures up on Flickr that I put up a couple of days ago. Go check them out if you haven't already!

~Both dogs, Armondo and I went for a walk on the waterfront yesterday, it was so nice! The weather here has been so gorgeous the past couple of days! I'm a big fan of sunny and warm, but not sunny and hot.

~Jacy is fitting right in in our little zoo. Her and Annie get along fine, and the cats don't mind her either.

~Cherry LOVES Jacy, and Jacy is very patient with her when she tugs on her ears.

Sorry for the crappy post, and the lack of comments on your comments. I swear I'm reading them, I just don't have time to respond it seems. I really don't know WHY I don't have time to, but I've been feeling some pressure from Armondo to spend more "family time" than computer time. Oh, and we've been watching "Twin Peaks" on DVD the past couple of days, and no, Belinda, I wasn't TWO when that show came out, I was at least seven. I think. I'm not sure though. And we watched "Everything is Illuminated", which I highly recommend!

So, starting at 6pm today, I start my week of full time work again.

Hey, does anyone know if you can get TiVo in Canada?


Erin said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I had to pay about $1500 for my colonoscopy, only to have them say IBS. I'm jealous! Well, not that you could have it done (it isn't all that fun) but that it wouldn't cost you half the downpayment on a house, as it did me.

Sounds like your life is going well. Good luck with the house!

Candice said...

ya people have tivo here. im glad your colon is good.. but ya... there is tivo here.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh man, I loved that first season of Twin Peaks...

That wasn't a crappy post, that was a nice update.

Now I am off to see the new pics...

Oh, thanks for the colon update :)

Tricia said...

working at 6 pm?
are you doing nights?

(commented on the wrong post first..oops!)

Melora said...

Glad the doc didn't think a colonscopy was necessary. Peace of mind without all the hassle.

I'm with you on the house. Imagine having to do appraisals for people who are managing to sell their (much less nice) houses when your own is just sitting and sitting, unloved and unwanted. Actually, the market really has slowed tremendously here, except for the million plus homes, which are still going like hot cakes. The rich get richer...!
One of the many reasons realtors are scum (and I know that there must be some honest realtors out there, but I haven't met them) is that they quote unrealistic prices in order to get your listing. You already knew that. Feel annoyed about that smaller house in the crappy neighborhood when it actually sells -- their realtor is probably telling them to lower their price too. We've lowered our price as far as we can and still have enough to move, so I guess we should just be grateful that we don't Have to move. (I'm working on feeling grateful, with little success.)
Wishing you buyers who Fall In Love with your house,

CeCe said...

Erin~$1500 for a colonoscopy?!? That's insane!

Candice~Hmm.. now I just have to figure out if there's TiVo on the west coast!

Mr.Fab~Yeah, I'm enjoying the series so far. I think I have it all figured out!

Tricia~I'm working mostly at the hardware store, but am working at least once a week at the restuaruant (two days this week though)

Melora~Yeah, I need to be more patient. I mean, there's probably a REASON why our house isn't selling. Maybe we NEED to be here for another year.

Erin said...

Isn't it? Most of it was the anesthesia.

Maidink said...

Glad to hear the colon thing is just IBS.

Jacy is the dog, right? I'm confused.

Don't worry about the home. It'll sell.

Kudos on the baby shower, kiddo.

As for the hedges, next time pull an Edward Scissorshands and make them into a choo-choo train.

Cherrypie said...

I've not had the courage to attempt the hedge yet. It would mean standing on the gym roof weilding a power tool. I am using the nesting chicks as an excuse to delay it but I can't put off the inevitable forever xx

Now, colonosopy pictures on Flickr, I have yet to see

What's TiVo?

CeCe said...

Maidink~yeah, Jacy's the new poodle!

Cherry Pie~TiVo is digital tv recorder thing. You can record, play, pause, fast forward rewind etc, with no tapes.

Belinda said...

"does anyone know if you can get TiVo in Canada?"

If not, you should move. But yeah, surely you do, or if not some other DVR system that comes with cable or satellite service. As for West Coast, I know Dave has it in WA, but of course that's U.S.

Great social programs and education? Not so much. Innovations in TELEVISION? As Homer Simpson would say, "USA! USA! USA!"